28 February 2009

Our Furry Friends

2 weeks ago (man, I'm really horrible at updating!), Dan and I welcomed 2 new furry Weldings into our clan! We adopted Edward and Bella, a brother and sister kitty duo, from Furrever Friends (the rescue I have been working with at Pet Smart on Sundays). They are incredibly shy, but have slowly been coming around. Bella is a bit braver than her brother, and they are both very sweet. Unfortunately, Phoebe has been less than pleased to have these two have intruders on her turf. This means that they have been living in our back room with limited time to explore the rest of the house lest Phoebe decides to pick a fight. Although, I'm optimistic that they'll learn to get along in time.

Edward is the gray and white kitty on the right and Bella is on the left (photo creds go to Kellyn for this shot):

Also speaking of furry friends, Dan spent Monday building a nice little enclosure for BunBun. My office is now much more rabbit friendly. I think BunBun enjoys have the extra space, however, it has not succeeded in making her less of a brat >.<

And, if you're wondering, there will no more furry additions for a while. We are planning on getting a dog, but need to wait until we have a yard and a little more income. These stipulations, however, have not stopped us from scoping out petfinder.com and the local shelters. ^-~ After the pup, our animal population will be maxed out.


Amanda said...

So, I'm totally stealing your background, I LOVE it!

Also, yay for edward and bella!

Brittany said...

go for it :) they actually have some other really cute st. patty's day ones at cutest blog on the block. i was torn between this one and a couple others.

Anonymous said...

You're totally welcome for the picts. I love taking them!!! <3 Kel